Tuesday with a difference

I have always disliked Tuesdays; they are definitely my least favourite day of the week. And this morning felt like it’s going to be just another usual Tuesday. I was feeling achy and tired like I had a cold coming. I had spent a sleepless night listening if my tap was still running. I moved into my new cabin and with the cold spell we have had, I woke up Monday morning with no water due to a frozen water pipe. Hence I left the tap running to keep it from freezing again.

I had plenty of plans to keep me occupied work-wise for most of the day from dealing with the emails to putting up Christmas decorations. So I forced myself out of bed about twenty past eight. I put my new whistling kettle on to make some tea and wrapped myself into my throw on the couch. No sooner had I sat down, than LA knocked on my door and popped her head in: “Do you want to go ice skating?”. Assuring me that there are skates that I could borrow, I was in the car 10 minutes later.

We stopped in Orton to pick up the skates from the Blues (quite a posh countryside family, but utterly charming) and headed to their secret hut and pond towards Sunbiggin.

The ice on the pond was amazing! The smoothest I’ve yet seen in nature. At first I was a bit hesitant as the ice wasn’t particularly thick but my confidence grew as I skated along. And the views were glorious: the snow-covered Howgills and the frosty winter sun! What a morning! And all of this in a secret little place with no sign of civilization anywhere!

I had so much fun skating and attempting a bit of ice hockey that I forgot that I hadn’t had any breakfast until someone mentioned sausages. Suddenly I was hungry! I am a firm believer in breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Every now and again it’s my only meal of the day…

The hut provided much needed break from the cold. The clouds and fog were gathering and the wind was picking up, so my fingers were getting a bit numb. The coal fire and the shot of The Kings Ginger Liqueur from Mr Blue helped to regain some heat (I must say it’s not often that I have stiff drink before my first meal of the day).

The barbecue was emptied of ice and lit, sausages and burgers were sent on it to make some sausage rolls. These really hit the spot! Unfortunately, the weather was turning to thaw and the conditions on the ice seemed to get a bit too scary for me. The boys had a game of hockey until they found it too hairy as well and called it a day. A quick warm up in the hut and we were back home by three o’clock.

It had been such a different morning and early afternoon. I had never imagined being able to skate on anything other than an ice rink in this country. The gorgeous weather in the morning, the great company of these mad but wonderful people and the pure magic of ice skating just completely turned my day around.

Yes, I felt frozen to the bone when I got back and only now, about 4 hours later am I starting to feel warm again. But I could come to my cabin, light the fire that is making the house so toasty, make myself a cup of tea and catch up with work on the comfort of my couch. Yes, there was plenty I couldn’t tick off my list but after the last two weeks of solid work, I almost didn’t feel guilty about that.

This Tuesday, in fact, was pretty alright!

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