I’ve been away from Facebook and Instagram for a fortnight now. It doesn’t mean I haven’t opened either of them, I have. It has been either for work or just to quickly check my notifications. But all this has been just a quick check. I haven’t scrolled through any feeds or posted anything.

On the one hand, it has been a bit hard. I am so used to still killing time by scrolling and finding what else to do with this time has been a strugglr. I went for a walk and got some nice photos but couldn’t share them. I still feel like maybe I’m missing something important. On the other hand, it has been incredibly easy. In fact, I feel like I have proved my point that I can step away but at the same time I don’t want to go back because nothing has actually changed.

I also realised that one of the reasons I have stayed away is the lack of authenticity. It dawned on me when I was speaking to someone. They had been out snow boarding just a few miles away from here when we still had snow. They showed me a video of them throwing a wobble after face planting in the snow. What made me realise why I wanted to stay away from social media was what was said next. They said, “I was upset because I had had the longest run of the afternoon before falling down but that wasn’t on the video. And I felt, what’s the point, the video wasn’t even on!”

Suddenly the alarm bells started ringing. The experience didn’t have a point for them because it wasn’t caught video and therefore it couldn’t be shared on social media. Wow. Maybe it wasn’t meant so bluntly but it certainly came out like that.

That moment I realised why I no longer wanted to do things that I used to like such as going for a walk or a run. Normally, I would share my experience by way of photos on social media. I wouldn’t go for a walk just to get an Instagram post out of it, rather I would just want to share the beauty of nature and the amazing feeling it gave me (garnished with a healthy amount of showing off). However, I have noticed with certain people around me that the reason for going out lies in getting a great post out of it that would make their lives seems so awesome. And I don’t want to play that game. What’s the point of complaining the whole walk uphill about the weather and how hard if is just to then post a dreamy picture of looking into the distance at the summit. #blessed #somerandommotivationalquote #NOTREAL

I genuinely used to love being outdoors. I could go and just get a rest from my brain and I wanted to celebrate that because getting simple joy out of nature was such a healing sensation. Now I feel like that experience has been soiled by the Instagram hikers who go out to create an illusion of an outdoorsy life. I feel like the things I used to love are not real anymore. They’ve become the “cool thing” to do and I’ve never been cool in my life. I feel that if I were to post a photo of a walk it would be classed together with those highly thought through Pinterest worthy compositions and it would just make the experience not real. Summiting a hill wasn’t about the photo oportunity for me, it was about the experience of doing it and about that moment of sitting down, sweating and out of breath, and feeling like I had achieved something. I now feel like a liar if I were to do it. I also feel like if I can’t have an amazing photo out of the walk, I have failed in the eyes of the society.

It sounds stupid and full of bullshit, but I feel like there’s so little that’s authentic in the life around me and that people have become fake too. When you struggle with self-confidence and trying to fit in/belong somewhere, this fakeness is so difficult to stomach. It makes me feel incredibly lonely because I don’t trust anything or anyone to be real. I can’t really feel any connection with anyone around me.

Worst of all, it makes me feel fake and I hate it.


How one “should” look at the summit

(Source http://pinterest.com/pin/387942955383280331/?source_app=android)

How I look at the summit (or in this case, half way up to the summit)

7 thoughts on “What’s real anymore

  1. I know it can feel hard to feel truly connected to someone through WordPress but I wanted to say that I really appreciate your authenticity in the way you write. There are those of us out there who want to be real about the difficult bits, the boring bits, the lonely bits of life… You are doing really well not to hide behind an Instagram picture-perfect filter. I can’t really get any good pictures of my wild swimming as I have no waterproof camera and look tiny from the shore when my family take snaps! And it’s actually really freeing to not try & record every swim on social media. Just to enjoy the cold, and the space, and the weirdness of taking your clothes off in the middle of winter. I hope you can find yourself in hikes and fells again xxx


    1. Thank you! I think you have an excellent point, it does feel actually really freeing to do something and not share it with the oline world. Then you have done something that is truly yours only. I love that idea! This is a great little motivation to go out and do something!
      And thank you! I find it very difficult to talk about my feelings, especially negative feelings with my friends and family, so writing the out into is the only way I can express them. I try to be as honest as I can because in the end, I wouldn’t like me if I wasn’t. Thank you for appreciating it and helping me feel more connected xxx


  2. Just like no workout ever really counts if you haven’t shared it on your Facebook wall, dude… Just think of all the calories you have not burned because you have not told ANYONE about that run you went on. Gosh, how frustrating, right? 😀 But on a more serious note, you have an excellent point – I think it’s the general problem with the word right now – you do a LOT of stuff to show others that you did it instead of doing it cause you wanted to. Thankfully, you don’t have to put a like on those fake posts if you see through them, it’s a tiny rebellion, but it’s something. That’s how I get by 😀 #passiveagressive

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