I am young woman and a hopeless wanderess always in search of myself. Estonian, born and bred, but with a constant itchiness in my feet that has kept me moving from town to town until moving to beautiful Cumbria in England where I currently reside. I am in search of a home, a place of belonging and well-being in a physical and mental sense. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to find it but I’ll keep wandering until I do.

I have a love for the outdoors and walking is one of my ways to get perspective on my life. I like conquering hills but I also enjoy long strolls over the fields and moors. I am tipping my toes into photography and learning to take photos that are half decent. Above all, I like writing.

I remember loving writing when I was a child. I loved writing silly little poems and short stories. Over the years and throughout my academic career, my writing had to fit into the frames set by curricula and I lost the joy in doing it. However, the only thing I am certain about in my life is that I want to write and find a joy for doing it again.

 I struggle with dark thoughts and have done so for as long as I remember. Some days are better and others are worse. If I can get the bad thoughts out of my head and onto paper or blog, then I can start to work through them. I’m known to be an easy-going and happy extrovert among people who know me, but in reality I battle with uncertainties and low self-esteem that can lock my in head for days.

This blog is a mixture of my thoughts and opinions, my experiences and experiments in writing and creating a content that would be interesting for others to read. Most of all, this is me at my most vulnerable.