She was right as rain
Aimlessly falling
Ending in puddles

I am young woman and a hopeless wanderess always in search of myself. Estonian, born and bred, but with a constant itchiness in my feet that has kept me moving from town to town until moving to beautiful Cumbria in England where I currently reside. I am in search of a home, a place of belonging and well-being in a physical and metaphorical sense. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to find it but I’ll keep wandering until I do.

I have a love for the outdoors and walking is one of my ways to get perspective on my life. I like conquering hills but I also enjoy long strolls over the fields and moors. I am tipping my toes into photography and learning to take photos that are half decent. Above all, I like writing.

I remember loving writing when I was a child. I loved writing silly little poems and short stories. Over the years and throughout my academic career, my writing had to fit into the frames set by curricula and I lost the joy in doing it. However, the only thing I am certain about in my life is that I want to write and find a joy for doing it again.

I joined a writing group about 18 months ago and it has been a life changer in many ways. I struggle with depressive thoughts and have done so for as long as I remember. Some days are better and others are worse. If I can get the bad thoughts out of my head and onto paper or blog, at least then they are no longer inside of me, threatening the life they belong to.

This blog is a mixture of my thoughts and opinions, my experiences and experiments in writing and creating a content that would be interesting for others to read. Most of all, this is a kind of home, a virtual one, where I hope to settle for a while.